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Susan Ronning, P.E., PMP, Principal
Voice: 971-718-7574
Fax: 206-374-2834

Joe P. Blaschka, Jr., P.E., Chief Engineer
Voice: 425-489-0125
Fax: 425-488-3952

Eric Bermel, Senior Consultant
Voice: 619-508-1572
Fax: 206-374-2834

Carla Clay, Project Manager
Voice: 503-564-8822
Fax: 206-374-2834

Jeff Forsha, Senior Consultant
Voice: 814-644-5813
Fax: 206-374-2834

Dwayne Hoeck, Consultant
Voice: 971-344-3838
Fax: 206-374-2834

Tom Manley, Senior Consultant
Voice: 206-954-7485
Fax: 206-374-2834

Mike Norin, Senior Consultant
Voice: 425-831-7381
Fax: 206-374-2834

Dari Reddy, Project Manager
Voice: 541-410-9776
Fax: 206-374-2834

Scott Peabody, P.E., Senior Consultant
Voice: 425-766-6314
Fax: 206-374-2834

Sue Seefeld, Office Manager
Voice: 425-487-1361
Fax: 206-374-2834

Jennifer Skilowitz, Senior Consultant
Voice: 971-804-0888
Fax: 206-374-2834

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