ADCOMM Engineering LLC

                                  Bridging the Gap Between Operations and Technology®


Helping You Manage and Implement Advanced Technical and Operational Changes in Your Organization

The Pacific Northwest's ADCOMM Engineering LLC is an industry leader in public safety communications engineering and consulting engineering. Centrally located in the Pacific Northwest, ADCOMM has completed successful projects in Washington, Alaska, Oregon, California, Idaho, Utah, Montana, Minnesota, and Tennessee. Let our 40+ years of project management experience guide your project. Whether it is a simulcast system, FCC licensing, propagation analysis, radio system engineering, mobile data, CAD, records management system, or 9-1-1 systems, ADCOMM's public safety consulting and engineering teams are standing by to guide you through the often murky waters.

Changes — whether technical or operational — affect your employees, and ADCOMM offers a full slate of management consulting services to help make your organization better. Policy issues, management concerns, leadership changes: ADCOMM offers unique skills you can use to lead your organization forward. With years of public safety communications leadership experience, ADCOMM can help you build a better organization with policy reviews; consolidation/co-location, workload, and workflow assessments; scheduling, staffing, and overtime concerns; hiring and retention issues, including assessment centers; and changes in funding and governance.

ADCOMM's staff is easily reached via email or phone (425-487-1361). With our affordable rates, you can rest assured you will receive expert advice and complete turnkey installations within your budget. No matter what you need, our goal is to provide you with cost-effective, courteous, expedient, and reliable service.

9-1-1 systems in Washington? Radio systems in Oregon? FCC licensing in Alaska? ADCOMM will be there helping you to"Bridge the Gap Between Operations and Technology®."

ADCOMM Engineering LLC

ADCOMM Engineering LLC is an independent professional services consulting firm with hands-on technical and operations expertise to enable our clients in defining, delivering, and managing critical communications networks.